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issue 37 - April/May 2017
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Portuguese Designers Soak Up the Spotlight

With product designs that range from wooden coverings to bespoke furniture pieces that needle the line between art and design, INSANE's creative oeuvre hints at a broadening future for its design team one that's limitless in terms of labels and dreams. Here, Curve speaks with Ivo Rodrigues, the creative director, about how it all started and where it's all headed.

Tell us about INSANE how did it start and what’s the team like?
From the beginning, we wanted to build a brand with a very irreverent personality. INSANE is part of an international working group focused on the design of turnkey stands and exhibitions and we wanted to take advantage of the knowhow and sensitivity of the designers' team. We believe in four essential factors: design, handcrafted work, bespoke design and the introduction of technological elements. With an unquestionable creativity, which requires boldness and a great deal of madness both from the design team and from the person who acquires it, INSANE has chosen a differentiated language which has a unique objective: balance between a DNA full of personality and the way it's perceived by the outside world.

What’s the brand ethos?
Projecting means wandering the path of imagination and making dreams come true. That's what we want to do. The design of an object, of an area or a complete structure must obey rigorous work plans that are born from a creative energy. At INSANE, we want to definitely meet the needs of a very challenging audience that seeks two attributes: quality in manufacturing and excellence in design that demonstrates a clear understanding of materials and functionality.

INSANE creates a range of products is there a specialty or does the design team have no limits?
There are no limits to creativity. The INSANE team consists of elements from different areas from product design to architecture and technical design. Our influences come from several points and the richness of the final work lies in the fact that every designer is different from each other.

What are some projects people may be familiar with?
The entire DOURO collection was selected to decorate the presidential suite of a luxury hotel in Beijing, the Orient MGM. In addition, our objects are in various private residential projects and more recently, they can be seen in an office in Kazakhstan.

Tell us about your different collections what separates and distinguishes them?
Our first collection, 'DOURO', paid tribute to a unique region and World Heritage Site, with an attitude of irreverence that is characteristic of the brand. Different objects, numbered and in a limited production run, form a collection with expert technical execution that privileges the quality of the materials, particularly cork a typically Portuguese product (with Portugal the largest producer in the world ) and the wisdom of artisanal work.

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