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issue 37 - April/May 2017
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2017
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An Urban Japanese Setting in Spain

Award winning creative consultancy Masquespacio combines interior design and marketing by incorporating branding in its projects. Its latest project is the in Valencia's Ruzafa. The design team strove to introduce a new concept while working on the bar. After researching Japanese culture and urban living, the visual impact of Toyko's crowded streets and muddled alleys shone through. The home of the Yakitori bar, the alleyways of Tokyo's main streets, formed the main reference point and the design touchstone for the project.

Starting with the facade, visitors immediately recognize the entrance to one of Tokyo's tunnel like alleyways one that leads to the intimate and eclectic interior, with dimmed lights and flames visible from the kitchen. The fusion between noble and industrial materials, classic and contemporary design creates a clear sense of modern, yet authentic Japanese life. The tunnel takes guests to the second part of the venue as the flames from the kitchen create a remarkable backdrop. Beyond the tunnel sits a square without exits, full of lit boards that hang from the ceiling, a small food stand lies amid a reinvention of houses within the busy district that inspired the design. Surrounded by an intimately Japanese experience, visitors sit down to eat. From the metal, cement and wooden interiors of the small houses, illuminated by dim lighting, the visitor enjoys an absorbing view of the central space. Light sculptures hanging from the ceiling and the walls are a metaphor of the neon signs that create a strong visual pollution on the streets of Tokyo. The interior of the restaurant is full of contrasts and feels like a genuine Japanese city scene. An incredible creation, Hikari Yakitori Bar brings the streets of Toyko and the immersive yakitori experience to Valencia.

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