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issue 37 - April/May 2017
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2017
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Farfetch Redesigns its Worldwide Offices IRL

The online consumer destination for the world's latest high end fashions, Farfetch, has recently teamed with the dynamic design studio Studiofibre to redesign its global headquarters in London, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. With a design narrative that injects the brand into the shell of the existing buildings, and delivers a series of optimal working spaces, Studiofibre's approach was more €˜installation' than fitout the result being a stylishly deconstructed and highly flexible gallery style space.

Ian and Fiona Livingston, the founders of Studiofibre, approached the project by first gaining a solid understanding of the Farfetch brand personality. Having identified what makes Farfetch unique, they then devised a design language that could exist in each of the diverse Farfetch spaces worldwide. Curation is a key part of the service offered by Farfetch. With this in mind, Fiona and Ian set about researching an eclectic group of global suppliers. The mix of curated pieces, presented alongside the bespoke furniture designed and crafted by Studiofibre for Farfetch, ensure the scheme's eclectic and stylish aesthetic. Entering any of the Farfetch spaces, the visitor begins a journey into the Farfetch brand. The first experience is the conceptual 'omnichannel' high tech live AV Wall a vast wall of both physical and virtual elements, featuring curated video content and still life images alongside physical display. Additionally, every element of Farfetch's identity is brought to life as Studiofibre drew on the unique 'sliced' effect featured in the letters of the brand's distinctive logo for the overall design. Installations of groups of oversized furniture break up the working areas. Seating pads bring a pop of color, with vibrant custom printed fabrics created especially for Farfetch and inspired by vintage oriental Kimono fabric sourced from Japan. A solid stone effect Corian boardroom table features the 'sliced' detail, while bamboo tables and staircases provide a warm contrast to the cool concrete industrial shell of the building. To facilitate the working culture of the various Farfetch teams, banks of desks are made up from more communal 'table' modules, with monitor arms replacing the need for desktop screens. And lastly, while the 'Live Wall' installation could be construed as 'virtual art' the space is also rich with 'physical art' in the form of a carefully curated collection furniture pieces and paintings, prints and sculpture from local emerging artists.

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