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issue 37 - April/May 2017
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The Kwerk Opus II in Paris is Redefining the Humble Workspace

The design of the Kwerk Opus II includes workspaces, seated desks, standing arrangements and all the infrastructure a working team or individual needs, from conference rooms to eating spaces. Designed by Albert Angel, the Kwerk space is a modern working environment, envisioned as a place of innovation, curiosity and productivity. Its social spaces, too, encourage team unity, where staff can mingle, brainstorm and form new plans.

Kwerk Opus II is the second such co working space the firm has opened and sits in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. Walking through the office is akin walking through a boutique hotel. Each floor was individually designed and the building includes a gym and a yoga studio.

The reception desk and telephone booths hark back to another era, resembling a classic theater or cinema. A literal red carpet leads up the stairs and into the heart of the project, while the walls of the largest conference room are lined with books, inspiring visitors to think, learn and reflect.

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