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issue 37 - April/May 2017
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A Recording Studio Takes it up a Notch

OVO Sound is one of Canada's leading music production companies. Headed by Noah Shebib, the firm is known for its youthful energy and cutting edge musical chops. When it came to the design of its main Toronto offices, Shebib turned to design studio I V. The resulting scheme combines answers to both the needs of a modern company and a recording label.

"Gimme some of that Moroccan swag," Shebib reportedly said to the head of I V, and that's exactly what the design team set out to do as it commenced work on the recording label's Toronto offices. After studying classical, abstract and more contemporary Moroccan archetypes in design and architecture, the I V team sought to distill the essential principles of Arab Mediterranean design down into simple geometrical forms, shapes and elegant materials. Traditional concepts became modern, and the old became new.

The offices are spread over two floors in an old industrial building. The upper floor is home to an open reception, conference room and the workspaces, while the lower part houses recording studios and areas where artists can relax. The design team made a conscious choice to create a bright and light interior that stands in stark contrast to the building's more industrial, aged exterior. The upper level, for example, exhibits a spotlessly white floor that blends into the tribal inspired black patterned walls.

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