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issue 37 - April/May 2017
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2017
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by Nada Debs

The highly established Nada Debs started her first design company in the UK, designing and producing bespoke furniture. After a 40 year hiatus, her yearning for home brought her back to Beirut, where she would go on to launch her second company East & East. Today, she's known for fusing Middle Eastern tradition with East Asian minimalism. "I believe in a continuous newness," she says, "an evolution as we go through history and time. I found that I was able to give this newness to design in our region, and I get no greater joy when I receive a warm regional response." This year, she's presented with Cities, the KSA, UAE based concept store. She showcased a series of stools made out of different metals, drawing from the geometric and minimalist forms and shapes that can be found in Arab cities.

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