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issue 37 - April/May 2017
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2017
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Where Nature and Art Combine

Designed by Anatoliy and Katerina Rosko, this Parisian duplex combines the family's love for reading with a seamless merging of traditional and modern design solutions. Here, nature, modern art and the story of the residents combine to create a unique ambiance.

Upon entering the private apartment, the overwhelming coherence of the interior, with its dark walls, dramatic artwork and draping fabrics, immediately transport the viewer to a new world that's been approved by Tim Burton. The dark, deep berry hue of the walls was chosen as the main color of the project, as it creates an atmosphere of intimacy and seclusion. Vintage tapestry, too, formed the basis of the home's composition. The emerald green furniture and warm wood floors offer a subtle contrast to the near black walls, and create a homey interior with soft, luxurious fabrics and polished surfaces.

Perhaps the home's design feature is the unusual concrete wall in the dining room, which boasts a hand painted fresco of peony buds and offers a subtle backdrop to the minimalist seating and art deco inspired lighting pendant. Another design trait is a decorative ring, which is integral to every project designed by the Rosko Family Design team. Here it's realized in the form of decorative berry wreath, which complements the naturalistic theme and colors of the project. This house reflects a kind of symbiosis that offers a tender tribute to the family's goblin ( a relic passed down through generations ), contemporary art and unexpected interior solutions.

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