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issue 37 - April/May 2017
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2017


A Chinese Hotel Reflects on Youth Culture

Chinese design firm X + Living recently completed a new hotel in the center of China's eastern city of Hangzhou. Garnering inspiration from youth culture, the Wheat Youth Arts Hotel's makes use of playful design, contemporary color approach and minimalist decor.

Located in Hangzhou's Binjiang District, the hotel sits within the trade area of the famous Avenue of Stars. Hidden on an upper floor in a mall, the only giveaway of its location is the simple expression "mai jian", meaning "wheat", that adorns the white door of the hotel. X + Living created a small lobby, which guests pass through to reach the venue. At the end of it is a display case with a traveler's belongings painted white, upon which is written the word "Hello".

The lobby looks like a study or a living room. Bookshelves line the walls and a white wall and glass partition in the style of folded paper separates the seating area. A arge statue of a dog at the bar welcomes guests in and his chain forms a queuing line. Chinese checkers are used to create a map of the people of the world on one of the walls, welcoming people wherever they may be from. The design of the corridor is concise but powerful, with paintings and graffiti on every corner. The design team used the concepts of music, painting and reading to create the hotel's atmosphere.

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