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issue 38 - June/July 2017
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2017
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A Stunning Office from Amsterdam

Travel review site Zoover recently moved to a famous former confectionery factory at the NieuweLooiersdwarsstraat at the heart of Amsterdam, marking a huge step for the organization in terms of branding, their lifestyle and with that, their appeal to IT talent in the market. D/DOCK was commissioned to oversee the interior design, project management and construction, the result is an impressive, clear design that inspires a certain wanderlust.

D/DOCK opted for a playful approach in which energy, inspiration and brand experience resulted in a design with the focus on the employees : Make it personal. Those who enter the office can immediately feel the passion of the organization : travel, the weather and the community. The result is a work environment in which the traditional office floor is eliminated, where you are motivated to make a journey through the office. The ground floor serves as a social gathering place where communication and interaction are central.

The traditional front desk has given way to an informal open kitchen, where the hostess welcomes guests and employees. Here, you'll find the only coffee corner, where employees start and end their day : this is where people meet and inspire each other. A huge eat in kitchen in the back of the room, where employees can enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch, brings people together and offers creative and informal meeting facilities.

Swinging doors connect this area to the large garden, which is unique in the Amsterdam downtown area and other work environments. Throughout the interior a lot of graphics appear, all with a funny twist, focused on travel and weather, these can be found everywhere. The carpets throughout the building, for instance, feature pixel art, inspired by global graphical styles, such as Aboriginal and Mayan art.

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