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issue 38 - June/July 2017
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Signature Elements Transform a Classic Loft

The Panzerhalle in Salzburg loft by Smartvoll has been modernized using stunning materials and the latest technological advances. Inside, the architectural focus is clear to see, a room by room and material concept takes over the space and smoothed, waxed concrete forms one of the project's signature materials. Modern, and yet representative of the building's past, this loft is a wonderful example of modernity and classic design coming together in a contemporary manner.

The space is both preserved and enriched by a series of modern, stylistic additions. Brightness spills into the rooms and windows create a sense of light and warmth. The bedroom, bathroom and guest room all form separate rooms throughout the interior and the kitchen, a seven meter long corridor, forms the centerpiece of the home while a stair sculpture grabs the attention of visitors and allows access to the main rooms of the home.

The stunning sculpture divides the space, creating a roof over the kitchen with recesses and elevations that allow guests to move throughout the home while enjoying views of the interior. The same applies to the glass shower, which protrudes from the fully glazed bathing block at a height of five meters, offering fantastic views, while maintaining privacy. The stair sculpture is a wonderful object with minimal dimensions, but tremendous spatial impact.

Alongside the concrete, only subtle, semitransparent materials were used to separate various areas, including curtains for the bedroom or integrated furniture, like hanging steel shelves. Every other piece of furniture is integrated into the construction of the property, forming a consistent picture, which celebrates free space.

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