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issue 38 - June/July 2017
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2017
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Architecture, Design, Carpets and Culture in the Heart of Milan

Bringing art and culture to the people of Milan, Studio Ossidiana's beautiful creations seek to highlight theoretical concepts and ideas, spaces and objects. Inspired by Persian art and carpets, the pieces talk of a conceptual idea of outdoor spaces and architecture. Titled Petrified Carpets, the installation was shown in the courtyard of SIAM (Societa di Incoraggiamento Arti and Mestieri), in a venue curated by Federica Sala and coproduced by 5VIE.

Studio Ossidiana is an architecture and design practice that explores architecture through material investigations, focusing on the translation of theoretical concepts into spaces, surfaces and objects. Designed and produced by Alessandra Covini and Tomas Dirrix. Petrified Carpets is a collection of concrete architectural objects inspired by the idea of the ideal garden found in Persian carpets. The carpet is interpreted here as a planimetric representation of a garden.

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