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issue 38 - June/July 2017
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2017
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Consideration, Concentration, Conversation: A Work for the Curious

Light, sociability and individuality, three driving forces in the development of our species. Encontros shows us the power of the individual, their love of conversation and thought. A clever series, it is nevertheless thoughtful. Encontros from Arturo Alvarez is a group of anthropomorphic, slender and impressive figures.

They observe us, they look at each other, probably from a distant place, which the viewer attempts to understand. The inside light they shine is the subtle expression of the human being's strength, of its vital energy and potential. They are families of individuals who intend to dialog among themselves, from their own perspective and personal position, with their own nuances.

The sculptures are made with extremely simple, basic forms. However, a closer look reveals that every piece is unique and different; complex in its simplicity. One of them may have a lifeless gaze or look as if it were fiercely concentrating.

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