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issue 38 - June/July 2017
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Brazilian Designer Tiago Curioni Tunes into Nature While Working

Sao Paulo based architect and designer Tiago Curioni maintains that his creations, from furniture pieces to living spaces, never follow the same line of thought as one another, ensuring each piece is a unique experience for the user. But at the end of the day, it seems the designer makes sure to always keep nature at the foreground of his mind from its dynamics to its divine beauty.

Tell us about your design studio
Tiago Curioni Studio was created in 2010 as an architecture office, and in 2015 we created a product and furniture design department, since we created most of the furniture used in our interior design projects. Since then, we've gained prominence in some important exhibitions and also through international awards, such as the Italian A'design Award and the American International Design Award.

Are you and your team creating a brand ethos?
For us, the most important thing is to pass a story through our products something that makes the user connect with it. We realized that when we developed our items through this concept, we reached higher levels of acceptability. We want our clients to tell the story of the furniture as if they had created it. Because of this, our products are in the good hands of users who, above all, are proud to have bought our product.

Each piece of furniture seems to play with space and form what inspires this experimentation?
Our products do not follow a line of inspiration, material or production process. We like, above all, to try new things. Because of this, we always get shapes and lines that are provocative and anything can inspire us or generate a new product. I think the name we give each new product demonstrates this because the name is directly related to our inspiration. It has to be clear and obvious, as well as friendly.

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