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issue 38 - June/July 2017
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2017
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A Unique Approach, A Unique Client

Designer Melina Romano was hired to oversee interior design for a technology company that wanted to stand out in its segment by positioning itself as unique in both approach and attitude. By using innovative and unusual elements such as containers, bricks, decorative pipes, and other materials, the Nimbi project was born, an unusual space that is sure to attract their customers attention and stimulate employees, as well as fostering a new work philosophy thanks to the ways in which it has changed the company's view of the work environment.

The design follows an industrial concept with modern and unusual touches, where different elements and materials were brought together to bring innovation to the project. The major construction can be considered dry work, walls and linings were not built, the designer chose to integrate the spaces, leaving everything open with the conduits and metallic structures creating rooms. Highlights in this project are the containers segmented as rooms, the walls made from cement blocks that have been transformed into vertical gardens, and the use of 360 lamps to form a ceiling in the reception area. The lighting was created using rails, and the pipes also serve as a ventilation system.

The use of industrial finishes, such as uncovered raised floor, cement blocks and metal structures transformed into containers add a sense of contemporary design of the project. The interior is rounded off by a selection of custom furniture, including upholstered pieces, all of which were designed to have a unique and innovative feel and each piece is unique, guaranteeing exclusivity.

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