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issue 38 - June/July 2017
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An Indian Residence with a Floating Body

This Indian home features liquid like lines and clever use of light and shadow to create a unique space in the midst of one the world's busiest cities. A malleable experience, this Bangalore home guides visitors throughout the interior with a welcoming series of rooms that encourage movement and expression. On the outside, the property appears to flow and move like water.

The south facing plot measures 40x70 and flanks a conservancy on its east side. Sitting in a dense urban setting typical of Bangalore, the house was conceived as an open, fluid event space. The layout of the house was conceptualized to create a choreography of spaces and this factor dominates the internal design of the property. Conceived as a continuous loop that rises up from the ground, the design contains a looping concrete slab that not only demarcates the home along a split section, but also forms the stairs that connect the various levels into one continuous folding surface. The folding slab animates the space around it and renders it fluid, almost like a thick viscous liquid.

Visitors experience this morphing space as they walk along the loop through the house. The constantly changing section of the residence further animates the house both formally and spatially. Inside the home the living room sits at an elevated level overlooking an open kitchen and dining room across a Zen garden.

The four bedrooms and the home theater are organized along the folding loop at various levels in section. The home theater in the basement is at one end of the loop and the open air amphitheater on the terrace forms the other end.

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