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issue 39 - August/September 2017
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2017


by Design Studio PESI

Collaborating with a local cardboard manufacturing company, PESI designed a self assembly side table collection, named 'Lumber', using only simple processed cardboards and ready made PVC rivets. The collection consists of six types of side tables of different sizes and heights. To assemble Lumber; cardboard was cut by die cutting press and then rolled and squared like rectangular lumber. Lumber is named after the assembly method as it is joined with PVC rivets in place of nails. A total of eleven pieces can be combined in various ways to form six types of tables, and colors and patterns can be freely printed on the cardboard, as a result it is easy to make new expressions and create new combinations. Design Studio PESI, which stands for Possibility, Essential, Standpoint, Interpretation, is a design studio from Seoul. The team works on design projects based on a motto, "Find new possibilities by reinterpreting an object from our point of view without losing its essentials."

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