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issue 39 - August/September 2017
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2017
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A Mexican Ice Cream Parlor Blows the Mind

Gelatoscopio is a Mexican ice cream shop inspired by the search for the most fun and authentic way to connect with your emotions in order to discover a fantastic reality through flavors, textures and aromas that transport you to memorable moments. Created by a team of dessert and design lovers, it seeks to become a reference point through a delicious, unique and different experience for everyone. The image provoked by Gelatoscopio is not just a visual impression; it is a pure creation of the imagination through the senses. This taste image is produced by the contrast of ice cream flavors. By evoking various emotions that harmonize with our own experience, we explore joy and happiness.

Designed and created by Esrawe Studio and Cadena and Asociados, Gelatoscopio is a gastronomic concept that promotes freedom and the discovery of the world and the individual, thus becoming the experimental medium of the new and the unknown that will create an authentic experience.

A series of protruding circular lenses make up the wall of Gelatoscopio. The unusual interior is inspired by the fantastic machines that might just be part of a romantic future. The materiality responds to objects and ships of an industrial character where metallic materials and bright finishes are used. The object is a composition constructed through lenses that dialogue with the context: they observe, deform and distort it, definitively altering the relation of the senses with the product. The "lenses" are composed of various mechanisms: magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, mirrors and lighting. The mixing and making of the ice cream takes place behind the undulating wall clad in seafoam blue corrugated paneling. Two circular openings reveal the activity that goes on behind the scenes and it is where customers pick up their treats after preparation. the closed off nature of the ice cream and kaleidoscope wall itself contrasts with the rest of the space. Outdoor seating is available with the store front completely open to the passersby, inviting curious glances into the imaginative shop within. Fun, vibrant and bursting with energy, Gelatoscopio is somewhere where children and adults alike can rediscover an innocent love of this most wonderful dessert.

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