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issue 39 - August/September 2017
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People, Animals, Surrealism and Pop Come Together in Paris

The work of Okuda San Miguel is inspired by myriad elements, from Pop Art to surrealism, the environment, materials and more. An uplifting collection of geometric elements, the exhibition is comprised of paintings and sculptures and offers insight into the human condition. According to Okuda San Miguel, Mona Lisa's dreams are full of human figures, Venus, Muses of the great classic Masters that are found throughout the history of art and in major works as The Birth of Venus, Las Tres Gracias and Piet.. On display at Adda Gallery until the end of August, Okuda's work features colorful and geometric motifs and Mona Lisa's Dreams is a surrealist prism through which the artist experiments with sculpture and canvas.

San Miguel's Mona Lisa,s Dreams expresses his own vision about what the human being is made of as he experiments with new formats of sculpture, where human beings and animals live together in the same social level. The artist distills his personal vision of God, in which all forms of life are created equal, equal, an idea from Hinduism. His new conceptual work is a result of his journeys and contact with different environments.

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