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issue 39 - August/September 2017
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A Mobile Ice Cream Shop with Heart and Soul in the Middle of Poznan, Poland

The incredible, mobile Lodovnia ice cream shop in Poland is the latest project from architectural and design firm mode:lina. Located in Poznan, Stary Browar, the 35 m2 space is an ode to the cone, a love letter to ice cream.

Lodovnia, a fun and funky new mobile ice cream shop with a unique facade sits right in the heart of Poznan's Stary Browar. A new, contemporary take on the ice cream truck, perhaps, the entire structure can be moved, allowing it to relocate at will! Sitting in the middle of the Courtyard of Art in Poznan, the facade aptly appears as a piece of art. An homage to the humble ice cream cone, the walls protrude outward as almost 1,000 white cones reach out from the shop.

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