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issue 39 - August/September 2017
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Damien Hirst's Eat the Dead Tackles Our Overdependence on Modern Medicine

Damien Hirst's latest collection, a series of screen prints titled Eat the Rich, takes a shot at the pharmaceutical industry and how our modern society assumes that all is curable thanks to those little coated pills. Eat the Rich is a new series of twelve screen prints that depicts pharmaceutical packaging in which the tablet's brand name has been replaced by a word implying violence or force. The series expands upon Hirst's long standing interest in the aesthetics of pharmaceutical packaging, which first manifested in his early 'Medicine Cabinets' series and continued through into his Pharmacy and Pharmacy 2 restaurants

Similar to Hirst's thirteen part Last Supper screen prints, Eat the Rich illustrates the famed British artist's obsession with the human body and the evolution and power of the medical industry attached to health and the science of medicine. These themes are explored in typical fashion for Hirst, in which his ideas are transmitted through minimalist designs that perpetuate the contemporary, modern belief that every ill can be cured through the use of pharmaceuticals.

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