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issue 39 - August/September 2017
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2017
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A Contemporary Setting for Contemporary Food

Abu Dhabi's Switch restaurant was designed by legendary creative Karim Rashid. Found in the Emirate's Wharf district, Switch is part of the Independent Food Company and represents a coming together of great food and great ambience. Rashid's signature elements are all there and Switch is full of soft curves and inviting lines and is home to pieces of furniture designed by the famed Egyptian designer. A fantastic spot to eat, this is modern minimalism at its very best.

Switch Restaurant Abu Dhabi is the perfect example of Rashid's desire to imbue physical spaces with warmth, softness, humanity, and pleasure and offers a glimpse of how the famous designer sees the world. When designing a restaurant or any public spaces, Rashid is entirely aware that thousands of people will have access to his design. The public spaces are inspiring, and positive communal experiences. Visitors don't just experience these spaces visually, but rather immerse their senses and themselves inside the designer's concepts where Rashid's designs transcend notions of public space and inspire people to live more progressively. The restaurant is defined by an ethereality expressed through repeated soft, curving gestures and subtle, glowing colors against a white surface. Natural light pours in from the tall glass facade. The bright, open space is further accentuated by the radiating light created along the undulating wall, ceiling scoops, and punched window shapes. Walls scoop, creating niches full of different seating zones. These elements animate the space with fluid, sculptural form. The perforated pattern on the facade produces dappled light and serves as a continuation of Switch's theme of featuring Arabic poems as a unique design in their restaurants around the world. Rashid's creative designs fill the space, with the Hoop and Juga dining chairs along with a custommade dining table. Good design speaks simply and directly, without being superfluous or speaking to traditions of the past. In order to create a more human connection, design must be sensual and free. Switch Abu Dhabi embodies this humanized minimalism, touching all the senses and shaping a better world. Simply fantastic, simply Rashid, we're already making our reservations at Switch.

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