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issue 39 - August/September 2017
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2017
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A Post Apocalyptic Den

This branch of Bar & Beyond in Sheffield pushes the limits, creating a sense of urban apocalypse and featuring some edgy, unique design elements. The merger of a bespoke, hipster inspired bar and an affordable chain bar, Bar & Beyond imbues a sense of style in every location. Designed by Keane and owned by Deltic Leisure, the company proves that living on a budget doesn't necessarily limit your design options. Certainly unique, at least in the UK, Bar & Beyond offers up affordable prices, great interiors and a fantastic, quirky vibe.

Deltic Leisure, owners of Bar & Beyond, wanted to create a series of outlets that would have broad appeal to the mainstream bar sector but would allow them to claim designer advantage in the high streets of the UK. They wanted the outlets to trade from early evening and stay open till late, with a minimal, but visible food offering. Achieving the balance between mainstream accessibility and edgy designer flair is very hard to achieve. Keane decided not to compromise and pushed on with a scheme that would work, with edge and swagger, in any big city in the world. The client had a very tight budget but was fully supportive of Keane's direction and as a result, what was once a group of fairly standard bars is now a collection of edgy, fashionable places, loved by a surprisingly broad demographic because they are uncompromisingly different to anything else in the provincial towns and cities of the UK. The design team kept the existing structure and worked with it, cladding the front space with rusty panels, adding uplit steel rebars to the back and graffiti to the bulkhead, giving it more character and texture. Graffiti adds edge and visual impact in an enclosed space, giving the space energy and was one of the first design elements the team conceived. Keane wanted to create a space that had a postapocalyptic edge, that looked like the crowd had broken in and started a party; a nod to the warehouse parties of old and much of the furniture is reused and upcycled. Finally, a life sized model of a horse is attached to the ceiling, just to keep it all fresh and fun. Hung upside down, the colorful piece is certainly a talking point!

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