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issue 39 - August/September 2017
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2017
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Mohannad Iskandarani

Mohanned Iskanderani is a US trained and Jeddah based architect with a passion for parametric and computational design. His art wall installation which will be on display at Saudi Design Week is called "Chaohexa", which is visualized, drawn and produced using computational processes and programming language. The piece visualizes the eruption and revolution of geometries when physical laws are applied on the design, seeing how they become deformed and then evolved into something natural, organic, harmonic and organized. The final product is intentionally arrived at through complex algorithms that manipulate the form through visual scripting principles, producing shapes that are impossible to achieve by hand. Chaohexa is made up of 3,672 unique pieces that create a total of 409 cells. The pieces are glued to each other, pinned to a frame and nailed to a supporting wall.

Insta: Mohannedisk

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