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issue 39 - August/September 2017
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2017
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Karkashan Design

Meaning "beautiful engraving" in Turkish, the Karkashan family literally made a name for themselves in Jeddah thanks to their excellent craftsmanship and so earned the surname based on it. Now, Hanadi Karkashan continues that tradition with Karkashan Design, a project concept that focuses on designing furniture in a unique way that combines modern style with Saudi heritage, society and fashion. Her highlighted piece at the event is a coffee table that combines fashion with furniture design. By taking a natural wood plank that maintains the shape and texture of wood and tying a scarf to it, the table reflects the melding of fashion and nature in an innovative and elegant way. Also on display will be a unique pouf inspired by Islamic patterns and topped with a handmade crochet piece, and an armchair with elegant golden metals and Arabic Kufic lines.

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