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issue 39 - August/September 2017
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A Trio of Friends and a Unique Home

The triangle takes over in the layout of the aptly named Triangle House by Ganna Design. Owned by two young women and one puppy, the interior of this remarkable residence is centered on the concept of 'good friends'. The idea of these individuals living in harmony led to the team at Ganna Design using a simple triangle system to highlight the strong links between the three.

The harmony and balance of the triangle symbolizes the strong, lasting friendship between all three occupants. The design team applied triangular elements throughout the home, in the corners, cabinets and even on the ceiling. The triangle on the ceiling cleverly softens the visual pressure created by the structural beams and pillars, while allowing the view to extend from the interior, through the window to the exterior. A gray palette was chosen in order to allow the colorful decorations, furniture and the view through the window to form the main elements of the design.

No matter where they are, visitors can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, reminding them to slow down and to spend more time with beloved family and friends. Another triangle can be seen on the glass door of the bedroom where there is a small entrance on the bottom of the glass door, so the owner's loyal friend can run in and out freely.

As a tailor cuts a garment, the designers make several "downturned collars" on the door leaves adding a nice touch that adds a touch of design spark to this simple home. The silver wall turns a corner and extends to the master bedroom and wardrobe. The folds on the door leaves become the handles of the wardrobe doors. The house's owners often make pieces of handicraft and so a long table was designed, combining two different materials and symbolizing the way in which people from different backgrounds can be bound together. Fun, unique and full of interesting elements, this is certainly one bespoke home.

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