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issue 40 - October/November 2017
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Fragile and Perfect, Pippa Dyrlaga's Paper Cut Pieces Take the Breath Away

Pippa Dyrlaga is a paper cutting artist based in Yorkshire, England. Having spent much of her early life living on a river boat, Dyrlaga holds great respect and love for wildlife. Fascinated by birds and nature, Dyrlaga focuses on natural beauty and the wonder of the wild in her work. Working from a home studio, Dyrlaga's pieces range in size from ten centimeters to two meters high. She mostly uses a single, clean sheet of white paper for her work and will first draw out a simple guide for the layout of the image.

She tends to do much of her editing while working on the piece, meaning that each design can change significantly from the original layout as they progress and as Dyrlaga adds detail as she cuts. All text and images in her works must be drawn out in reverse, because the finished piece is flipped around so any pencil marks are on the back, and the final image is clean. Paper is so delicate and unforgiving, Dyrlaga has to be incredibly careful whilst working and a simple slip can destroy hours of work.

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