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issue 40 - October/November 2017
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Thoughts of the Future, Thoughts of Home and the Thrill of Interplanetary Discoveries Fuel an Incredible MAD Martian Collection

Gallery ALL recently showed a collection of furniture designed by Ma Yansong, founder of MAD Architects. Based between Los Angeles and Beijing, Gallery ALL was the perfect setting for Yansong's take on extraterrestrial design. Here we talk to Yansong about his intriguing works.

What type of questions inspired the MAD Martian collection?
What happens after human beings move to a Martian planet? At what point does survival stop and architecture begin? Once survival is assured, what memory of Earth or love for their new home would these interplanetary colonizers recreate first? I have never been to the Mars...what will we discover when we get there? A red landscape, quiet horizon, frozen glaciers? Probably all is as beautiful, in its own way, as the Earth was thousands of years ago. I want to bring to Mars the Earth landscape, as I imagined it, in my room as a child.

Tell us about the Mad Martian Collection
The MAD Martian collection comprises of five pieces: a dining table, a chaise lounge chair, a candelabra, floor to ceiling suspension lights, and a console table. The collection employs the design language of science fiction, established during the mid 20th Century. Traces of the 1960s Space Race aesthetic are visible in the suspension lights, whereas the candelabras and the fish tank take their cue in part from later masterworks such as Alien and Blade Runner. The collection is part of an ongoing series of in house commissions by Gallery All, whose focus is increasingly turning towards emerging and established Chinese designers.

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