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issue 40 - October/November 2017
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Nightlife High Above It All

71Above is Los Angeles' latest smart restaurant and cocktail bar designed by Tag Front. Housed in the U.S. Bank Tower, the venue overlooks L.A., offering vistas like few other sites. The 1,018 foot stepped skyscraper at the heart of the city's central business district was built in 1989 and designed by Henry N. Cobb of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and stands at an incredible, historical 73 floors. Located in the uppermost floor and in the site of an ex board room 71Above represents an exciting addition to the city's nightlife.

The design overhaul has transformed a typical office building into a contemporary and noteworthy spot and modernized the spiky, crenelated cap sitting atop what is L.A.'s second tallest building. As a result, 71Above has been added to the city's collection of remarkable spaces, a place where all can enjoy the tower's panoramic views. Tag Front described the project's guiding principles as encompassing "the existing nature of the building, the space's footprint, and the client's desire for the dining and lounge areas to wrap around the entire building."

The space features wraparound atmospheric vistas thanks to special high tech glass developed by SageGlass that very slightly changes opacity as the sun moves across the sky, minimizing heat and glare within the space and removing the need for view blocking shades.

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