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issue 40 - October/November 2017
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2017
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A Contemporary Home Invites You In

Created by Polish design firm Plasterlina, this beautiful home is entirely original and creates a sense of modern luxury without overawing the visitor with old world glamour. The interiors are warm and inviting and the overall design is based around geometrical forms. Delicate light and dark spaces are enclosed in rectangular areas that are lightened up with bright furniture. White, grey and black, the interior features wooden elements that exude a sense of quality and unique design. All in all, the design, color scheme and materials result in a unique space that is certainly personal.

The hallway forms a showcase, a bright space, and leads straight to the bedrooms. Immediately after entering is a graphite box with an energetic turquoise pouf. The box has two open spaces for shoes and for small objects like keys.

From the bright hall you enter a dark, almost black, dining room. A simple family table with black legs and a natural oak top brings warmth and light to this dark space and the rectangular shape is contrasted with simple, wooden chairs with rounded backs. On the floor sits Dye Lab Tile carpeting, with a beautiful pattern.

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