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issue 41 - December/January 2018
CURVE magazine cover December/January 2018
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An Invinting Sports Store

WADA Sports, one of Japan's leading sportswear retailers recently announced the opening of a new headquarters and retail outlet in Himeji shi. Designed by Matsuya Art Works/KTX archiLAB, the new building will also play host to the company's racket stringing studio, which develops the chain's own technological innovations.

The interior of the shop features a gigantic elliptical metallic structure that supports the building and, thanks to some clever design elements also becomes a giant fixture from which rackets can hung and displayed.

This is a great example of combining form and function to create a unique design. Below the elliptical structure, the rackets are aligned in an originally designed display piece. The entire collection of rackets is arranged in series and made easy to pick up one by one to feel the difference of touch, thickness, and weight.

Above, the elliptical shape is used as a display of various valuable rackets collected from all over the country; wooden vintage rackets, rackets used by famous players, and even rackets that were miraculously saved during the great Tohoku earthquake in 2011.

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