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issue 41 - December/January 2018
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Pablo Reinoso's Seats in the Sky

Drawing on the theme of "landscape" chosen for the recent Agora Biennale and the grand cultural season in Bordeaux, Argentinian artist Pablo Reinoso, imagined the installation L'Observatoire du Ciel (The Sky Observatory) and invited the public to take part.

Reinoso designed a visual and poetic reversal of the landscape through the reflections of the sky on the Miroir d'Eau, creating an infinite scenery in which the physical landmarks are turned on their heads. Reinoso's work is largely defined by his desire to question infinitely, to subvert, using materials or objects in previously unimagined ways, bringing opposites together and always playing. He strives to create unforeseen and disconcerting pieces, with a touch of humor and derision but also with seriousness and conviction.

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