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issue 41 - December/January 2018
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MGroup's Dedication to the Best of the Best

family firm, MGroup is Lebanon's most exciting go to companies when it comes to the finest interior furnishings. In collaboration with Minotti, the company's incredible, modern 800sqm showroom highlights the very best for this distinguished Italian brand. Established in 2009, M Group is a family run business that serves as a platform to bring together designers and the very best interior pieces.

Minotti's vast range of contemporary designs enjoy a dedicated 800sqm showroom that brings this iconic brand to life. With interior elements and architectural moods and directions, this famed Italian firm comes to life. Minotti's Home Anthology Collection expands the company's creativity in new directions, in a spellbinding layering of influences and styles, perfectly balanced between the classic and the contemporary.

To innovate while staying true to the Minotti style and traditions is an objective deeply embedded in the company's corporate values. The firm's new collection goes well beyond the brilliant execution of a stylistic exercise; if anything, it is the transformation of an intuitive idea into a tangible product, one that brings vitality and form to different lifestyles and ways of inhabiting the home today.

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