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issue 41 - December/January 2018
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Ronald Sasson's Historical Style

Brazilian designer Ronald Sasson presented three new pieces during IDA, Rio Design Fair. The designs are the result of the Sasson asking himself, "What is my importance in my era ?"

Sasson, in his own words "is a product designer focused on a trait that rescues the classic possibilities with contemporary readings, my focus is on the research of furniture, objects and lamps." Sasson has been exhibiting solo since 2008 and is the holder of a series of international awards. Two of the pieces presented during IDA are inspired by German expressionist architecture and are replete with the clean, clear lines of German architect Erich Mendelsohn.

The Mass armchair, named after Mendelsohn's wife, cellist Luise Mass, is the result of Sasson's research into German expressionist architecture from the 1920s and features a solid copper blade, interspersed with negatives in black matte satin paint.

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