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issue 41 - December/January 2018
CURVE magazine cover December/January 2018
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by Marion Chopineau for Chalet Affair

German designer Marion Chopineau's incredible fur carving skills come to Chalet Affair and have resulted in an incredible collection. Known for her extraordinary manual carving techniques, Chopineau's Paris atelier is a veritable fountain of creativity; the result is a collection of beautiful, delicate pieces that exude a clear sense of style.

Chopineau's expertise merges with Chalet Affair's long tradition of creating inspirational design spaces through bespoke, handcrafted fur art that articulates contemporary styles. The resulting pieces are ideal for enhancing interiors of private residences, hotels, offices and more. Chalet Affair works closely with clients to develop customized ideas and create motifs, designs, patterns etc. for walls, furniture and a wide range of other objects.

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