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issue 42 - February/March 2018
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Furniture with Lessons to Impart

Jack Marple is a designer with a difference. A graduate of Arizona State University, this American creative is currently an industrial designer at Teague in Seattle. Teague is an interesting proposition, the first design consultancy in the world, its talented collective of designers, researchers, engineers and more combine art, industrial design, industry and ambition to, as they put it, 'redesign the world' by combining the energies of professionals from a wide variety of disciplines.

Amid this creative milieu, Marple designed this remarkable collection of, as the title plainly states, Uncomfortable Chairs. Uncomfortable Chairs aims to, believe it or not, understand and explore the ways in which furniture could, in Marple's words, 'hurt our feelings'.

Dumped is a chair that forces you to recall a messy breakup. It makes you believe you have support, but in no time you'll be sitting on the ground, only half aware of how you got there and not entirely sure how to remedy the situation.

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