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issue 42 - February/March 2018
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Phil Cuttance's Herringbone Objects Revel in Their Flaws and Their Unique Nature

Designer Phil Cuttance works from his London studio to create handmade pieces that eschew any technological input. Vases, trays and pots, each piece is made by hand and exhibits tiny differences and flaws that create a unique sense of creative passion. Phil Cuttance is a New Zealander living in London who makes pieces that carry a story that tells of their making.

All of Cuttance's objects are handmade in his London studio. Their complex forms and sharp lines mean it is sometimes assumed they have been made using CAD software, CNC machining, or 3D printing, but closer inspection reveals that they are all handmade.

Often tiny imperfections, a result of the processes by which they are made, give this fact away.Each piece in the Herringbone range is handmade from Jesmonite, an eco friendly water based, cement like material.

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