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issue 42 - February/March 2018
CURVE magazine cover February/March 2018
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A Spa to Soothe Mind and Body

The gorgeous Zotafo Spa was designed by Dongguan Zheng Xiang Decoration Design Consulting Co. Ltd. in China. The design is inspired by the natural landscape formed by various prominent features. Zheng Xiang Design made the reflection of mountains against the green and clear water the central axis of the interior design. In addition, design elements of ancient Lingnan architecture are used throughout, making visitors feel like they are entering a Lingnan wonderland, one that is familiar to them from traditional ink paintings.

Surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape in the historical town of Huanyao, the project features the characteristic local gables facing the street, where plain colors like black and white are harmoniously integrated in the architectural context. The shape of the gable draws the outline of the skyline of the town, becoming a cultural and poetic landscape.

At the entrance, the main materials are local wood and stone, which are interspersed with each other. The rectangular wood is arranged in a row, acting as a partition without blocking the impressive view, and forming a contrast between toughness and softness as it complements the rough geometrical stone surface. The central spiral staircases, together with the wooden structure represent the natural landscape, and the light floating cloud installation, creates an image of looming maintains and running water.

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