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issue 42 - February/March 2018
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A Entrepreneur Hub in the UAE

Sheraa is a Sharjah based entrepreneur hub and is closely tied to the culture of the UAE. Designed by Pallavi Dean Interiors, the space is one of modern creativity and marries traditional design elements with a bold, contemporary outlook. With strong references to Arabic typography, this is a wonderful example of form and function coming together.

'Sheraa' is an entrepreneurship hub for regional talent. The center provides startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with the support and expertise needed to build their ideas. Designed by Pallavi Dean Interiors, the center offers a variety of collaborative and deep work spaces, casual meeting lounges, workshop rooms and a quirky amphitheater for product/ business launches.

The brief called for a space that allowed for a variety of settings. The Sheraa offices and training spaces are housed in enclosed rooms that flank the open plan floor plate. The corporate colors and graphics are used throughout the space to build cognizance about the brand. Multifunctionality is at the core of the design: The amphitheater in the space houses a plug and play hot desk station, a library and has tiered seating zone. The adjacent walls have 'idea paint' for brain storming sessions' and the elevated platform also doubles up at a stage for panel discussions and seminars.

The team worked with the Arabic typography of the Sheraa logo to create the form of the amphitheater. The details with the area are shaped as waves as is the logo, which refers back to the word Arabic word 'sheraa' which means sail.

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