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issue 42 - February/March 2018
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Embracing Art, Personal Style and Great Design

With a vast program to be fulfilled, the MMS house in Sao Paulo, was built through a mixed structural system using reinforced concrete and a metallic structure. The client wanted to create a residence with simple solutions and fast execution. In order to achieve this, the team at Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos divided the program into four floors that coincide with the division of the house: the subsoil is configured as a service sector, the ground floor and the last floor as social and communal sectors and the first floor as an intimate sector.

Given the home's central location in the nearby terrain and the need for a central axis of circulation and movement within the home, the team conceived the spaces in an integrated way in order to stimulate the social interactions of the residents. Aiming at better comfort, the interior maximizes the use of natural light, ventilation and outdoor contact in all environments, which sometimes open onto the street at the height of the treetops, or open onto an outdoor area with a tropical garden.

With a playful character, the brick facade appears to decompose close to the end of the building and, in contrast to the austerity of the brick, the access points and openings are well defined from the use of colored steel sheet frames.

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