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issue 42 - February/March 2018
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Personal Details and Unique Style Inspire Elegance

In their Zhengkai Olive City project, Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co. creates spaces with unique characters, exhibiting exhibiting a boldness, pure elegance and low key confidence. An ordinary site comes to life through extraordinary design. Developed via the concept that less is more, Olive City focuses on the basics, but imbues them with incredible details.

The project's contemporary interiors are replete with gray and white tones, the space appears clean and neat. The unique carpet has fine stripes and personalized geometric patterns with a soft dark orange, creating an elegant charm while vivifying green ornaments fill the space with both cool, calm and warmth and a deep sense of grace. The bar counter embodies the spice of life, blurring the boundary between the dining room and living room, so that the entire space is integrated. The dining room features a classic round table, as well as soft, diffused light sources, where the collision of the black wood grain against the whites creates a classic marriage of tones and colors.

The tone in the master bedroom follows the simple, soft, and harmonious visual effect of the living room. White, gray and dark orange blend with each other. Together with the bespoke lighting, the colors bring a sense of mystery.

Connected to the master bedroom, yet cleverly separated from it with a floor style bookcase, the cloakroom includes a study space where the owners can enjoy private reading time. The overall feel of the room is comfortable and solemn, while scattered artistic details neutralize the atmosphere to provide ample space for relaxation.

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