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issue 42 - February/March 2018
CURVE magazine cover February/March 2018
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Technology Is Where the Home Is

Drone cars, flying, automated vehicles, are in development and as strange as it sounds, architects and designers are already creating concept buildings based around this idea. The Power Long in Shanghai is a concept design based around the idea of a Drone Car Tower, a residential building designed with drones in mind. Conceived by architect Richard Moreta and Team RA + D, it's a view of a potential future, one in which eco friendly tech and ease of use come together wonderfully.

The Drone Car Tower looks like a futuristic condo building and was designed to resemble a traditional Chinese dragon, with landing pads along its vertical central core to accommodate drone car pads.

Imagined as part of the Pudong District, Shanghai, this incredible building will be a new symbol of the City of Shanghai, the Power Long. With a relatively low budget of 600 million USD, its construction is projected between 2018 20 in agreement with Pat Lin, Managing Partner of the Prestige Group of Companies from Singapore.

The building is intended to be incredibly eco friendly and was envisaged with a number of concepts in mind. The building was designed to produce a subtle sense of Chinese beauty and spirituality with a dragon theme. It studies the relations between the symbol and the dynamic community that has developed in the city. To decrease Shanghai's traffic congestion, the building will feature drone car docking stations and parking along the structure.

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