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issue 43 - April/May 2018
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2018
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A Californian Penthouse to Die For

This restored and designed a residential top penthouse in a four storey historical loft space in Venice, is the stuff of dreams. Below the residence the lower floors are used as gallery and office spaces. The building had previously housed the Broad Foundations art collection before they moved to downtown Los Angeles and the building had been set up as a gallery with most windows covered by drywall and the inherent history and industrial nature of the building covered up.

The overall color palette is masculine, both referencing the natural grays from the concrete floors and zinc windows as the ruggedness of the industrial elements inherent to the building. The space has a tremendous amount of light, and its inherent openness combined well with this dark palette without compromising its sunny, open nature.

The concept for the kitchen was to continue with a subtle industrial reference yet still make it modern refined and chic in its design. The island has a massive concrete counter top that forms its central feature. The dining area features custom mirrors with metallic frames to create privacy from neighboring buildings and reflect light and shapes into this section of the loft and the table and benches are custom made from a very rare and heavy reclaimed oak.

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