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issue 43 - April/May 2018
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Architectural Elements Imagined Through an Artistic Eye

Uniting the disciplines of art, architecture, theater design and engineering, British sculptor Alex Chinneck produces contextually responsive interventions that animate the place in which they stand. Chinneck's architectural intervention, titled 'Birth, death and a midlife crisis', features in the artist's new exhibition at the German Museum of KirchheimUnterTeck.

Accompanying work includes a knotted wooden broom leaning against the wall. The exhibition is now open will runs until 8 April. These incredible knotted works are Chinneck's first indoor sculptures in five years and follow a succession of outdoor projects that include a 35 meter inverted electricity pylon, a melting house constructed from 7,500 wax bricks, and a hovering stone building for London's Covent Garden Piazza.

The artist also introduced a straight column, in addition to the knotted pillar, to give the intervention symmetry. Both are materially indistinguishable from the historic pillars that they mimic.

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