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issue 43 - April/May 2018
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Nature and Man Collide in a New Development in China as Weeds Leave their Mark

Designed by Hu Quanchun of VStudio, Home for Boston Ivy is an artwork that speaks of urban upgrading. The works is found in a series of shanty towns on the right bank of Yuan River in Changde, Hunan province, China. At present, the shanty towns in which this impressive series of works are based are being demolished and will be completely replaced by a brand new modern city in the near future; what is there at present will soon no longer exist.

Home for Boston Ivy was conceived as a way to ensure that the old spirit of the towns would not be lost. Houses covered in Boston Ivy could be seen everywhere in Chinese shanty towns; while presenting a picture of harmonious coexistence of man and nature, it is also a memory of home for the habitants of the shanty towns.

To read more grab your latest issue on news stands out now.

To read more grab your latest issue on news stands out now.

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