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issue 43 - April/May 2018
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Altreforme's Bold Approach to Design

Altreforme is a young, energetic brand which was founded by the Fontana Group, makers of aluminum bodies for some of the world's leading car brands. Working, as one might expect, in aluminum, the design firm creates wonderful, stylish pieces for those looking for something altogether different. Here we talk to Valentina Fontana, a Vice President at the company, about this fun, exciting firm and their collaboration with talented designers and forward thinking brands.

How would you best describe your work?
My work starts with having ideas and collecting them. Altreforme is a brand which is a "spin off" of a business focused on producing car bodies, called Fontana Group. The fact that we were born as a diversification from the company's core business means I have to reinvent it every time, working on the technology we master and applying it to creative design ideas. In this, Altreforme is much closer to fashion than it is to design: in the design world each brand is very recognizable, constant and consistent with time. We, at Altreforme, are much more free to do scouting of the most recent trends and apply them to our design pieces looking each time, for each collection, for the right person to interpret them.

The collection is playful, bright and colorful, tell us more.
2018 is our 10th anniversary, so I thought we might celebrate the double soul of the brand: on one side we are working on the aluminum as a material to highlight the finishing as the polishing, the chromium plating, the gilding or the scratching; on the other hand, I could not forget that the main feature of Altreforme is the reinterpretation of this material focusing on color and style to use a support which is mostly perceived as technical. The name of this new collection "Raw and Rainbow" has been chosen to emphasize the dual nature of our brand and its 10 years of history working in this direction, blending technology and creativity.

What has inspired this fun and playful form of design?
For me creating Altreforme meant playing with colors and shapes, and this is more than evident, I guess! A constant inspiration is Ettore Sottsass, his use of colors, patterns, geometries.

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