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issue 43 - April/May 2018
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Communal Areas Help Creativity Thrive

Designed by Carlos Delgado Pint's Inloki, Ida, this office building for Outsystems sought to align the interior design with the company's entrepreneurial spirit. The focus was centered on the use of light within the interior, the construction materials used during the project and the overall volume along with the inclusion of an interior patio.

Established in 2007 by Carlos Delgado Pinto, Inloki, lda provides services in the field of architecture and urban planning. The team's work focuses on new housing and renewal projects as well as providing interior design services for firms aiming to align space and comfort solutions within their entrepreneurial culture. Inloki, lda works on consultancy for both public and private institutions, on real estate management and urban planning strategy.

The Ytong block, a block of aerated concrete, was the perfect material for the project, providing the required comfort levels as well an expressive finishing solution for the interior and exterior. Alongside the lightweight Ytong structure, the various service infrastructures, such as electrical power, networking cables and the various mechanical elements of the building, were exposed where possible and used as an expressive element in the space's character and program organization.

A new volume was added to the existing three floors with the additional space designed to hold the social areas that facilitate the daily life of Outsystems.

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