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issue 43 - April/May 2018
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2018
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A Contemporary Space with a Mechanical Past

Chinese firm CUN Design's latest project, a high end boutique by the name of 751 Fashion Buyer Shop, is set in the heart of the fashion design area of 751 d park in Beijing, one of the landmarks in the famed Locomotive Square. Towering desulfurization towers have witnessed the development of Chinese industrialization and still bear the scars. A core area in the Beijing International Design Week, the rejuvenated area often hosts exhibitions, forums and cultural exchanges and is rapidly becoming a modern hub of design.

CUN design's team sought to create a viable commercial space using props and elements left over from the previous edition of the Beijing International Design Week. The line connecting the entire project was that design had to be commercial with a strong purpose, to create a vibrant space for business, and to change the way in which people appreciated retail space. This was done using left over props designed by ODD of Japan; the props were often small and so needed to be used efficiently, which was aided by the minimalist design.

At the core of the project was the aim to highlight the beauty of the products within a contemporary design. In order to soften the heavy atmosphere created by the industrial elements, CUN Design created elements of wood brick to form a warmer space. Color also plays a role, where pure white spaces create a strong contrast and forms a visual reference point for the interior. As a result of these white areas, people are naturally drawn to explore the space without the need for clear pathways.

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