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issue 43 - April/May 2018
CURVE magazine cover April/May 2018
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An Unexpected Surprise Awaits

In addition to being a safe haven, a home is a place that accommodates and extends all kinds of possibilities and happiness. Besides meeting basic living requirements, the role it plays could be richer and varied. It could be game like, interesting changes could be generated from its shape, function or sense. Through mixing elements of boxes, flake like structures and colors, and combining a big round bucket that penetrates from the upper floor, in this case the design team created an interesting space within a stereotypical and dull concrete frame.

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, the designer of the famous Red and Blue Chair said: "Structure is to coordinate the constructions, to fully guarantee the independence and integrity among the constructions." This philosophy was adopted in the design of this home, showing the space through its forms, to convey an image of freedom. The interiors can be changed by moving the various parts of the boxes and movable walls can extend the space and provide flexibility in use.

In the open space, there are two big round buckets of different diameters, they cut through the floor and go down, becoming a large piece of installation art. The special paint finishing of the inner layer of the large round bucket shows the exquisite beauty of Oriental culture, creating a kind of visual stimulation from both top down and bottom up and working as light fittings. The big round bucket, small round bucket and the concave timer element form an inverted triangle, making the elements threedimensional and engaging.

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