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issue 43 - April/May 2018
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A Chic Less is More Approach in Brazil

The decorative composition of this apartment is the result of a trend that has been gaining strength in recent years: that of a minimal, clean decor, in which the sobriety of the whole is punctuated by specific pieces. The outcome is based on the assumption that we now live with less; there is no room to accumulate little things, nor is there time to enjoy them.

Located in a densely populated and business oriented area, the residence is set in a modern, corporate and cosmopolitan setting. In his first contact with the designers, the client was extremely empathic about the need to start from a design that tied up all the spaces of the apartment. The second bedroom was annexed to the living room, taking the form of a TV room separated by sliding frames. The expansiveness of the living room also merged the entirety of the balcony space into itself, becoming the central point of the apartment due to its amplitude and the interaction between the balcony and the home theater.

On the importance of tying all existing environments, the terrace of the apartment stands as a great point of relaxation, entirely lined with solid slats of bleached Tauari, giving it a Scandinavian mood. In addition to being cozy, this space is always the starting point of any and every party.

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