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issue 44 - June/July 2018
CURVE magazine cover June/July 2018


Relax Amid Mountains and Lakes at the Pure House

Designed by Chongqing Yueji Architectural Design Office, Pure House Boutique Hotel is an island of tranquility found in Dali in China's Yunnan Province. Nestled between nearby mountains and a stunning lake, Pure House is the ultimate relaxation spot, hidden away from the rest of the world. Pure House Boutique Hotel is located in the hillside of the Cangshan international golf community, with its back to the incredible Xilu mountain and facing Erhai Lake. The Cangshan mountain is the theme of the whole design, and the heart and soul of the project. The hotel makes fantastic use of the local terrain, landscaping, the organization of the space, views, and natural elements.

Two internal halls are transparent and bright, giving views of internal courtyards in the front and back of the hotel. The walls of the courtyards on the left and right sides are continuous and positive, merging the boundaries of the main building, courtyards, side yards, corridor and terrace, creating a natural and coherent feeling. The entrance is located at the corner of the building, and is low key and humble, down a flight of steps a ten year old red fruit tree stands in the center of the pool, immediately attracting attention. Turning to the mottled entrance porch, guests enter the reception hall and begin to experience the space.

The public area forms the visual center and the two layered spaces are the core of the entire ground floor. Other functional facilities, such as the reception center, book bar, dining area, and inner and outer courtyards are unfolded around these spaces. The lower leveled courtyards in the front and back of the hall effectively solve the problem of elevation difference created by the slopes of the local terrain, forming a warm and interesting space. The bright sunshine in Dali, simple stones, warm wood, eclectic furniture and white walls form a dialogue in the spatial order, which is quiet and graceful, warm and comfortable. Each of Pure House's 13 rooms has its own characteristics, they all have an ample balcony or a private courtyard and the comfortable bedding in the large living spaces is striking.

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